All About All Canadian Greens

Cherry Belle RadishesAll Canadian Greens grows a wide variety of microgreens, baby greens, and baby vegetables. We use hard to source or exotic varieties that we have tried and tested to provide a fantastic flavour contrast when compared to traditional leaf lettuce.

The nutritional value of these microgreens has been proven to be higher than fully grown versions. We aim provide a complete “package” for a restaurant, where they can choose 5 greens per season, and will receive 2 weekly deliveries of the “package”. The package contains 5 individual washed and ready for use varieties of greens.

4 Greens

We are willing to work with each customer to meet their individual needs utilizing our  access to over 4000 types of seeds, that we can grow at our facility and have ready to serve within 3 weeks.

We are a family of 4, with two school-aged children who has lived in Waterloo since 2002. We began this venture as a project for ourselves but quickly discovered that what we were enjoying was a niche market very unexplored  by others despite the growing popularity.  We were already successful with production, so we only needed to decide whether we wanted to make It something more.  We did.

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